“Critical Mass publishing came along at the right time for me. I had a book that I thought was important to ‘put out there’ so to speak, yet the traditional publishing houses found my subject matter too esoteric. It seemed that self-publishing was my only option…but where to begin?  I had checked out other self-publishers, but I found it very difficult to understand what a ‘good deal’ was, how the self-publishing industry worked, what details I needed to consider, and so on. David Stokes took the time to explain all of this to me. In publishing his own literary works over several decades, he has dealt with traditional publishers, agents, and self-publishing houses. He brought all of this trial and error into the formation of Critical Mass publishing, where he is able to look out for the interests of writers like me. Give him an opportunity to explain his approach and the advantages he can offer you over other self-publishers – it’s worth a few minutes of your time to hear his presentation.”

— Dr. Scott R. Maurer, Executive Director of NEW DAY HELP CENTER

“There are many adjectives and descriptive phrases that come to mind when I assess my experience with Critical Mass Publishing. Among them are user-friendly, supportive, and professional. The process was not only productive and enjoyable, it was an experience that will cause me to recommend them to any and all. But the foremost adjective I’d use would be excellence. I never have been more pleased with the end product of a project I’ve undertaken as I am with the book we produced.”

— Thomas F. Sleete, author of “ HANDLING GRIEF: A Christian's Ongoing Journey with Loss”

“I have been profoundly blessed to be connected with Critical Mass Publishing. David Stokes and his team are an excellent professional team who feel like family. Their attention to detail, ability to bring clarity, and dedication to excellence have exceeded every expectation I had. I am humbled to be a part of the Critical Mass family and would recommend any author utilizing their services.”

— Joshua R. Todd, author of “GIFTED: Discovering & Developing the Divine Power Within You”

“As a first time author I wholeheartedly endorse Critical Mass Publishing.  I had no clue what I was doing and the team at CMP took my hand and walked me through the entire process from beginning to end.  I am eternally grateful for David, Tracey and Eowyn.  They are truly godly individuals that have a grasp on whats required to not only get the book published, but also to make the book look like a book.”

— Brent P. McFarland, author of “MARITAL CONFLICT: From the Root to the Resolution”  

“I cannot say enough about the personal attention I received from Critical Mass Publishing. As I entered into this project, my knowledge of the publishing world was limited at best. But having an experienced partner not only made the process simpler, it also took a load off my mind. Although I was involved every step of the way, Critical Mass was working behind the scenes to keep me on track, to answer my questions, and to help me avoid publishing pitfalls.”

— Stephen E. Dowell, author of “CRY ALOUD, SPARE NOT: The Story of W.E. Dowell”

“The prompt and professional services of Critical Mass Publishing is commendable. David Stokes and his team were an absolute joy to work with, seek advice from, and most of all, to go through the entire publishing process with my book. They have earned a customer for life in handling any of my future manuscripts. Superb job!”

— Bruce Snavely, author of “ALL THE WAY HOME”

“As an author with his first book, ready to publish, but not knowing the first thing about the publishing industry, I was blessed to encounter Critical Mass Publishing. David Stokes and his team worked with me through the entire process of publication. His fee was competitive. Everything promised was done. The work was completed on schedule. Every email or question of mine was answered in a timely and complete manner. Throughout the entire process, I felt Mr. Stokes and his team wanted me to succeed and went the extra mile to fulfill my dreams. I would wholeheartedly recommend his services without reservation.”

— J. David Majors, author of “LEARNING ABOUT GOD”

"I want to thank David Stokes and the staff working with him. My experience was exceptional in every way. My ideas and design for my book were given professional consideration. In every step of the process their actions were to develop the best final product - one that I would be proud to present to the public. I highly recommend them for your consideration. You will not be disappointed and your journey with them will be fantastic.
Thank you guys for a job well done. I can’t wait for my next manuscript process with you."

-- Ron Sears, author of "SPEAKING THE TRUTH IN LOVE--WINS"