Critical Mass Publishing, LLC


Ultimate Package for Ministry Professionals

This is the ultimate publishing program for first time ministry-related authors. It includes everything “from soup to nuts.” All it takes is audio of your spoken message(s). We create transcripts via the excellent people at Intentional Reach.

We then take the “DNA” of your spoken words and, using the developmental tools and expertise of experienced editors and published authors, work closely with you crafting your book.

Whether your book is 10,000 words or 50,000 words, we bring your ideas forward into something ready to be published in print or digitally, for just a nickel ($.05) per word. This price includes all the costs of transcription and several editorial rounds.

You then choose one of our publishing packages—Hybrid or Indie—and before you know it, your new book is available around the world.

[NOTE: A typical four-part sermon series would translate into a book of approximately 20,000-28,000 words, give or take.]