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You speak. The words flow. The people listen. Then you do it all again a week later. Sometimes you feel good about the message. Sometimes you want to hide out for a few days.

Most preachers accept the fact that not all sermons are "keepers." In fact, some may be quite forgettable. Then there are some wonderful moments. Maybe you experience what the great preacher D. Martin Lloyd-Jones characterized as "unction." You come up with something special, maybe a single message, maybe an extended series. But once delivered, that's that.

However, it doesn't have to be the end of your sermon’s story.

Speaking of D. Martin Lloyd-Jones, who preached for 30 years at historic Westminster Chapel in London, did you know that most of his books, the ones regularly seen on a pastor's shelves, came almost verbatim from sermon transcripts?  That's right, his words went from PULPIT to PAGE.

This program works with either our HYBRID or INDIE publishing packages.

All we need to get started is a transcript of your message(s). We've partnered with the great people at INTENTIONAL REACH, a transcription service used and recommended by Christian leaders around the world.