Pulpit to Book

PASTOR — Let a Best-Selling Author Turn Your Sermons into a Book!


All it takes the audio files of your spoken message(s).

We create transcripts. Then, taking the “DNA” of your spoken words and, using the developmental tools and expertise of experienced editors and published authors, we work closely with you crafting the book. This process enhances your words using the techniques and tools of a ghostwriter.

You speak. The words flow. The people listen. Then you do it all again a week later. Sometimes you feel good about the message. Sometimes you want to hide out for a few days.

Most preachers accept the fact that not all sermons are "keepers." In fact, some may be quite forgettable. Then there are some wonderful moments. Maybe you experience what the great preacher D. Martin Lloyd-Jones characterized as "unction." You come up with something special, maybe a single message, maybe an extended series. But once delivered, that's that.

However, that doesn't have to be the end of your sermon’s story.

Speaking of D. Martin Lloyd-Jones, who preached for 30 years at historic Westminster Chapel in London, did you know that most of his books, the ones regularly seen on a pastor's shelves, came almost verbatim from sermon transcripts?  That's right, his words went from PULPIT to PAGE.

Whether your book is 10,000 words or 50,000 words (or more), we bring your ideas forward from your audio files into something formatted to be published in print or digitally. Use the form on the CONTACT page of this site to tell us about your project (how many audio files, etc.) and we will give you a price quote (based on the word-count of the transcript based on the audio file).

We’ll even provide a free sample (approximately 300-500 words) of what we do based on your first audio file.

And our quote/price includes all of the costs of transcription and full editing. By the way, CRITICAL MASS PUBLISHING provides all of these services for one price and that price is substantially lower than you will find anywhere else.


We’ll send you a print/camera-ready PDF of your manuscript—one that can be taken to ANY publisher or printer. You’ll also receive your manuscript formatted for e-book publication as well as related files (including the original transcripts from your audio files). The price you pay for this INCLUDES complete publication and you will earn 100% of all royalties. See Publishing Packages on this site and note any one of those packages is INCLUDED when you engage us to turn your sermons into a book.

We can also tailor a plan for you that includes the development of a full BOOK PROPOSAL (see that section of this site), one that you can shop to agents and publishers in pursuit of a traditional contract with a generous advance. A solid list of agents/publishers is provided as part of the BOOK PROPOSAL option, and we also create your query letters, so all you have to do is copy/paste/send.

In fact, we can put a package together that includes this BOOK PROPOSAL option, but also Indie publication (read: Self-Publish) if no contract is forthcoming. Sort of “belt and suspenders.”

In other words, using CMP to develop your project from audio to completed manuscript does NOT obligate you to use us to publish your book.

[NOTE: A typical four-part sermon series would translate into a book of approximately 20,000-28,000 words, give or take. You could even publish a single sermon in e-book format—similar to Kindle Singles]